CTB Grant Form

f Transient Guest Tax….   How does that affect me?

When a visitor stays in an Augusta hotel, a 3% guest tax is added to the price of the room.  We are not unlike 26 other cities in Kansas.  This revenue was not being collected until July of 2003.  Since then, the Augusta Convention & Tourism Bureau has been formed & a budget has been developed to utilize this revenue.  The collected monies are sent to the State by our hotels, along with their monthly sales tax report.  The State of Kansas returns those funds to The City of Augusta each quarter. Part of Convention & Tourism Bureau’s budget is set aside to help organizations and/or groups financially with an event that encourages increased lodging occupancy thereby continuing the perpetuation of the funds. This means if your organization plans an event & you submit a Grant Application the Convention & Tourism Bureau reviews your application for funds, if the CTB Board & City Council find it follows the guidelines, a grant will be awarded. This grant is a re-imbursement grant. There are guidelines & an application that must be submitted, so submit in plenty of time before your event!

Download the Application below!

CTB Grant Application 2021 Fillable