Convention & Tourism

Why come to Augusta, KS?

Because there is always so much to see and do!

Our city boasts some truly amazing attractions that are guaranteed to satisfy even the most particular traveler. History, entertainment, outdoor adventure – Augusta truly has something for everyone, and friendly, smiling faces to match.

Our town lies on the edge of America’s most beautiful rolling prairie lands. It offers picturesque hills just perfect for exploring, long lazy rivers for fishing and swimming, and all the conveniences of a modern city.

The heart of downtown Augusta offers superb shopping, bustling restaurants, and lively entertainment. We have put millions of dollars into contemporary renovations, and new visitors are coming to us in droves!

The Redbrick District is the highlight of your pioneer/metropolitan experience. This section of downtown provides you with food, fun, shops, and the best business development opportunities should you decide to stay. In Augusta, you’ll find just the right mix of rural and urban to make any day just perfect.