About Us


Go! Augusta exists to promote and improve local business and the quality of life within our community. We invite all new businesses, visitors, and residents to experience all that Augusta has to offer then join our community, as it has real values.

Go! Augusta has the best resources of information about Augusta. We make it our mission to always provide beneficial business connections, networking opportunities, and marketing initiatives, and make them available to everyone in our community. We believe that successful local business is a vital part of the Augusta experience, and we believe it helps us to grow even stronger as one.


In July of 2021, the Augusta Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Augusta Inc., and the Convention and Tourism Bureau combined to create one organization – Go! Augusta.  

Founded in 1921, The Augusta Chamber of Commerce is the community’s leading local business advocate and promoter. Our primary objective is, and always has been, to create a climate of healthy growth and overall success for our town.

Founded in 2002 Downtown Augusta Inc. is an organization focused on bringing back small business to the downtown area.  DAI is comprised of 4 committees  :  Organization, Promotion, Design and Economic Revitalization.  

Go! Augusta  also carries on our traditional role as an excellent resource for business information. We provide detailed materials about local companies that visitors and residents may find helpful when planning their stay. In serving our community, we also provide leadership and volunteer programs that focus on the needs of Augusta, as well as various business initiatives for owners and entrepreneurs alike. 

By leveraging the support, talent, and resources of its members, the Augusta Chamber of Commerce is, and has always been, one of the leading organizations helping to improve everyone’s economic vitality and overall quality of life within the city.

For more information about businesses in Augusta, or the history/mission of Go! Augusta please contact us at 316-775-4585.